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Other Corporate Services

Offshore Business Solutions Ltd. provides worldwide company formation services. Apart of a standard company formation you may need some other services or products that we offer. Some prices vary by jurisdiction so if you need these please contact us for further details.

Ship / Aircraft registration - Cost varies by jurisdiction
Nominee directors - Cost varies by jurisdiction

Notarisation - USD 190.00

Apostilisation - USD 290.00

Certificate of Good Standing - USD 300.00
Certificate of Incumbency - USD 300.00
Standard power of attorney - USD 300.00
Change of Name - USD 300.00
Corporate Pliers Seal - USD 50.00
Mail forwarding per item - USD 25.00
Company search - Cost varies by jurisdiction
UK Fax number - fax to e-mail - USD 40.00
Business Plan - contact us for details
Accountancy - time spent
VAT Registration - contact us for details
Business start-up pack: Company Logo design, 10 pages HTML Web Site design, Company Letterhead and Memo Slip design, 250 full colour Business Cards - USD 450.00
    Offshore Company Formation ...and many other. Please contact us for more details.



Chose a jurisdiction to incorporate a company

Anguilla Company Formation  Anguilla
Belize Company Formation  Belize
BVI Company Formation  British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands Company Formation  Cayman Islands
Cook Islands Company Formation  Cook Islands
Cyprus Company Formation  Cyprus
Gibraltar Company Formation  Gibraltar
Hong Kong Company Formation  Hong Kong
Marshall Islands Company Formation  Marshall Islands
Nevis Company Formation  Nevis
Panama Company Formation  Panama
Samoa Company Formation  Samoa
Seychelles Company Formation  Seychelles
United Kingdom Company Formation  United Kingdom
USA Company Formation  U.S.A.
Vanuatu Company Formation  Vanuatu


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