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Ready Made Companies

To save your time we offer you shelf companies - ready made companies ideal for use as holding or trading companies. When you decide to buy a shelf company, you get a complete package with everything you need to start your business. The below listed companies have no trading history and have never been involved in any business activities.

Currently available shelf companies...
Name of the company Date of incorporation



No.1 Trading Limited 29/07/2022 UK GBP 3000.00 + registered office address, VAT, EORI
Top United Limited 29/07/2022 UK GBP 300.00 + registered office address
Leading Perfect Ltd. 13/05/2022 UK GBP 300.00 + registered office address
Hong Kong Limited Companies   Hong Kong From USD 2200.00  
Belize Limited Companies   Belize From USD 1200.00  
BVI Limited Companies   BVI From USD 1700.00  
We offer wide range of UK Limited Liability Companies (LTD) - some with bank accounts, other with VAT registration. Please contact us at info@just-formations.com to inform us about your needs.
If the company you are looking for is not listed above, please contact us and we will do our best to find the requested one using our worldwide connections.



Chose a jurisdiction to incorporate a company

Anguilla Company Formation  Anguilla
Belize Company Formation  Belize
BVI Company Formation  British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands Company Formation  Cayman Islands
Cook Islands Company Formation  Cook Islands
Cyprus Company Formation  Cyprus
Gibraltar Company Formation  Gibraltar
Hong Kong Company Formation  Hong Kong
Marshall Islands Company Formation  Marshall Islands
Nevis Company Formation  Nevis
Panama Company Formation  Panama
Samoa Company Formation  Samoa
Seychelles Company Formation  Seychelles
United Kingdom Company Formation  United Kingdom
USA Company Formation  U.S.A.
Vanuatu Company Formation  Vanuatu


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