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Using a Company to Save Tax
Using a Company to Save Tax
by Lee Hadnum

Conducting your business through a limited company could potentially save you tens of thousands of pounds in national insurance and tax each year.

The main reasons behind this are simple. Firstly, UK income tax rates are far higher than corporation tax rates. Secondly, company directors may pay themselves dividends from the company which are subject to much lower tax rates than any salary income.


Finally, if you have a spouse who is also a director in the company you may split your income, which should also save you a tidy sum in tax.

Using a Company To Save Tax will provide you with all the information you will need in order to confidently and efficiently run your business through a limited company. It is essential reading for:

  • Those who currently have an unincorporated business i.e. sole traders and partnerships.

  • Those already running a company, and would like to reduce their national insurance, income tax and corporation tax bills.

  • Those presently interested in setting up a company, but are as yet unincorporated.

  • Anyone in the financial advice business, wishing to advise prospective clients on the benefits of incorporation.


"I would like to congratulate you on the excellent guide ‘Using a Company to Save Tax’. Clearly written and easy to understand. Thank you for making life simpler." Robert Gemmell - Director, Risk Management Europe Ltd.


This excellent and comprehensive guide is written in an easily digestible, plain English style and all key points are accompanied by clear examples and real-life scenarios. All the relevant subjects are included in the guide, such as:

  • Full advice on all aspects of corporation tax.

  • Concise explanation of how previous Budgets have affected corporation tax.

  • Benefits and drawbacks of using a company to run your business.

  • Clear comparisons of income tax versus corporation tax.

  • How national insurance can be avoided altogether by company directors.

  • How dividends are taxed.

  • How dividends may be utilised to save thousands in tax.

  • How to stay on the right side of the taxman whilst paying dividends.

  • Comprehensive examples of how to use incorporation to your advantage.

  • How to pay even less tax by splitting income with your spouse, and any traps to be aware of whilst using this strategy.

  • How reinvesting company profits can save you tens of thousands of tax pounds.

  • How to pay absolutely no capital gains tax, stamp duty and VAT by incorporating an existing business.

  • Some of the tax advantages and disadvantages of using an offshore company.

  • A complete set of tables which show precise tax savings at every level of profit for ALL taxes, including corporation tax, income tax and national insurance.

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About the Author

The Author of Using a Company to Save Tax is Lee Hadnum. Lee is a rarity among tax advisers having both legal and chartered accountant qualifications. After qualifying a prize winner in the Institute of Chartered Accountants exams, he also went on to become a chartered tax adviser (CTA). Having worked in Ernst & Young's tax department for several years Lee now has his own tax consultancy. He is author of a number of our tax guides and provides personalised advice through our popular Question & Answer Service.

Lee Hadnum

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